Frequently asked questions

User Registration, logging in, and viewing living people
Tips for using and navigating the site
File name conventions
Place names

User Registration, logging in, and viewing living people


To register, go to the login area at the top right of the home page and click the "Create new user account" link.  

After submitting your registration information you will receive an email with a confirmation link.  

After confirming your registration by clicking the link in the email, the administrator will be notified your account is pending activation.  

You will receive a welcome email when the account is activated.  


A logged in user can view living people close to you in the tree (approximately 6 steps removed).  If you have a need to see living people farther removed, please contact the site administrator.


Tips for using and navigating the site

When you are not logged in and go to you enter the site at the Home Page.  

This page contains a Welcome statement that provides information about the site, a place to login, a search box, and list of surnames.
Registered users can login to see information on living people close to you in the tree.  
When you login you are taken to your "My Page" page. Here you are presented with a pedigree chart showing you, your parents, and grandparents. 
Also on this page are Today's events, Upcoming events, Recent events, and any Favorites you have saved.
Clicking on a person's name anywhere a name is displayed takes you to that person's record. 
At a person's record there are several tabs where information is presented: "Facts & Events", "Families", "1st Cousins", "Interactive Tree", and "Album".  The right sidebar at a person's record is a Family Navigator where the person's parents, siblings, spouse, and children are listed.  Clicking on a name will take you to that person's record.
The "Interactive Tree" tab displays a person's ancestors and descendants in a moveable tree that you can traverse.  Click on any person in the tree to go to their record.  Click the icon at the top left of the "Interactive Tree" display to view in full page mode.
Under the "Charts" tab, the "Relationship" tool provides the relationship between any two people.
Under the "Charts" tab, the "Fan Chart" tool provides another way to view a person's ancestors.

File name conventions

File name conventions to be used when uploading files to the site

If a document is transcribed and not a copy of the original append “-transcribed” to the end of the file name

photos of people:  photo-<name or names><short description>

census document: census-<year>-<census names>
ie: census-1920-ruggeri-john angelina joseph
   census-1930-anthony giannone family--sam pino family-transcribed  

death certificate:  death-<year>-<name>

obituary:  obituary-<year>-<name>

photo of headstone: headstone-<year>-<name>

birth:   birth-<year>-<name>

marriage certificate:  <marriage>-<year>-<names>

naturalization document:  naturalization-<year>-<name>

ship manifest:  ship manifest-<year>-<name or names>

military:  military-<year>-<name><type of document>
ie: military-1942-frank cozzoli wwii draft registration

will:  will-<year>-<name>

legal document: legal-<year>-<name><type of document>
ie: legal-1938-broom vs broom lawsuit

Place names

Place names are ordered from smallest place to largest place separated by commas. 

ie: Drexel Hill, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania, USA  

    Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, USA

    Pennsylvania, USA

Always add the CO to a county name.