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Initial source data for the Bruno-DiJulio family:

1994 family tree chart produced by Janet Messina which documents the Joseph Cozzoli - Rocca Baccellieri family.
draft handwritten tree produced by Michael P. Baccellieri which shows the parents and uncles of Rocca Baccellieri and their decendents through the 1990’s.
A handwritten tree produced by Rocchina (DiJulio) Bruno in the mid 1990's showing her father, Elia DiJulio, his siblings, and their families.
Notes I had from talking to my paternal grandfather, John Bruno, and his half brother, John Ruggeri.
A box of memorial cards accumulated by Rocchina Bruno.
ChiChi Aiello helped greatly with my understanding of her mother's and my father's maternal families, the Pinos and the Messinas.

Initial source data for the Jones-Foshee family:

1999 Broom-Fee family narrative

1998 Jones-Giles family narrative

1995 Audesey-Bates -- Foshee-Hoffman family narrative


Research on familysearch.org, ancestry.com, ellisisland.org, antenati.san.beniculturali.it, archives.gov, findagrave.com, google searches, and information supplied by family members yielded many birth, death, marriage, census, ship manifest, and other records enabling reconstruction of several family lines.  

Email to provide corrections and additions, especially birth, marriage, divorce, and death dates. Photos, especially of deceased ancestors, are always welcome.

We look forward to hearing from you.

John and Cathy (Jones) Bruno

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