Isabel //
Given names
Isabel /Hughey/
Type of name
married name
Family with George Hughey REV WAR
Birth: 1758Brunswick, Virginia, USA
Death: July 26, 1836Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
Marriage Marriage1780Rutherford, North Carolina, USA
15 years

No family available

Descendants of Isabel

  1. Generation 1
    1. She married George Hughey REV WAR in 1780 in Rutherford, North Carolina, USA. He was born in 1758 in Brunswick, Virginia, USA and died on July 26, 1836 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA at the age of 78 years.

      Children of Isabel and George Hughey REV WAR:

      1. Nancy Elvira Hughey (1794) - follow 2.1
  2. Generation 2 back to top
    1. Nancy Elvira Hughey, daughter of George Hughey REV WAR and Isabel , was born in 1794 in South Carolina, USA.

      She married John Blackwell Jr, son of Reverend John Blackwell Sr and Susannah Glenn,. He was born about 1780 and died about 1847.

      Children of Nancy Elvira Hughey and John Blackwell Jr:

      1. William Blackwell (1808)
      2. George Huey Blackwell (18141872) - follow 3.1
      3. Joseph Blackwell (18191879)
      4. Susan Blackwell (18241896)
      5. John Blackwell III (18251908)
      6. Richard Blackwell (1831)
      7. Mary Ann Blackwell (18351915)
  3. Generation 3 back to top
    1. George Huey Blackwell, son of John Blackwell Jr and Nancy Elvira Hughey, was born in 1814 in Rutherford, North Carolina, USA and died in September 1872 at the age of 58 years.

      He married Lydia Lyles, daughter of John Lyles Sr and Agnes Hester, about 1836. She was born about 1821 in Rutherford, North Carolina, USA and died about 1873.

      Children of George Huey Blackwell and Lydia Lyles:

      1. Elizabeth Ann Blackwell (18441906) - follow 4.1

Ancestors of Isabel

  1. Generation 1